6 Interesting Nightlife Spots

Malacca is undoubtedly a wonderful state owing to its historical heritage that still lingers in the air like a cloud. The beauty of the city can be felt in the vibrant daylight where you can have a tour round the city and revel in its cultural ethnicities. However, the nightlife in the Malaccan state is yet another story.
In the night, the entire place comes to life and buzzes with enthusiasm and excitement. Every here and there the streets are decked up with lights and other decor items. People come out into the streets, visit the different shops and cafes, and enjoy the night with heartfelt content.

If you are travelling to Malacca on your next international trip, then here are some of the best nightlife spots within Malacca that will make the night more happening.

1. Geographer Cafe

This cafe is located at the heart of the Malaccan city and is famous for the pre-Malaccan vibes emanating from the cafe walls. The interior decorations of the cafe are done in a way where you can enjoy the wonderful ambience of the place in the best possible way. At the night, the place buzzes with live music and the amazing drinks that flow on the bar like a river. Make sure to enjoy the beautiful environment of the Geographer Cafe in the best possible way. The location of the cafe adds to the entrancing look and helps in attracting both the locals and the tourists.

2. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is known for its extravagant musical arena and the perfect location of the restaurant. Located by the side of the Malaccan river, this cafe is well known amongst the tourists especially in the nights. The walls vibrate with the loud, blaring music that sets the atmosphere on fire. The view is quite spectacular and makes the crowd crazy with the loudness of the not-so-silent night. The dishes at this restaurant are too delightful for the tongue, something that will send your mind into an overdrive. Though the prizes of the dishes are a bit high none can deny the sensational feelings that come with the blaring music in the cafe.

3. Mixx Club

Mixx is an ideal place for having a night out with friends. The disco cum club is located on the second floor of the famous Malaccan shopping mall, the Mahkota Parade. This amazing location makes the cafe more accessible to both the tourists and the locals. In fact, there isn’t a single night where you can find the place with less crowd. The blue and the violet lights set a typical disco ambience while the live music sets the crowd on liquid fire, making the environment apt for partying on a distant land. The club also features theme nights and that is one of the most enjoyable facts about the place.

4. Mr and Mrs Jones Cafe

Mr and Mrs Jones Cafe is not ideal for a place to fill your appetite. However, it is definitely a place to warm up a bit with live music and some drinks. The cafe is perfect for steering the atmosphere in the perfect direction.

5. Reggae on the River

Reggae on the river name fits perfectly as the music ranges from classic to the modern reggae. The drinks in this cafe aren’t going to be too heavy on your pocket as they are quite reasonable. The main thing that attracts the tourists is the amazing atmosphere in the cafe.

6. Ringo’s Classic Cafe

Located in the Jonker street, this cafe is the ideal place for the ones who wish to get a few drinks and listen to the live music in a dense yet dusky ambience. The interiors of this cafe have a touch of the Portuguese culture and so here, you will get an insight into the early Malaccan lifestyle.